21 August 2007

More "Short-Man Syndrome"

So Russia is still flexing its muscles to compensate for its dictator's president's political and physical stature... now they're threatening the Czech Republic. Not that that's a new thing, but the entire government over there would benefit from regular talks with a (very) qualified psychiatrist. Between short-man syndrome and a heavy case of denial ("Nyet! The -Stans are ours!!!"), they'd provide plenty of material for discussion.

Claiming the North Pole, *snort*...you do know that claim and the accompanying footage were totally bogus, right?

But on a more serious note, they ARE serious. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela are only the obvious countries who want the US rolled over and playing dead. We don't need to worry directly about their muscle-flexing; we do need to worry about the underlying causes and activities!

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