03 March 2009

Good, Plain Talk

This video touches a lot of subjects; the part I find essential is the socialism part.

The more eyes we open to the evils of socialism, the better off we will be.

Where talking heads have stereotyped anyone with a conservative viewpoint (and Rush Limbaugh, specifically) as being "Hitler," they're becoming Hitler. This guy loses me around 6:45, but pointing out political, societal hypocrisy and misdirection as directly as he does is very gutsy. (huuuuuge h/t: Alfonzo Rachel at Big Hollywood)


Anonymous said...

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Chantile said...

Rush isn't my favorite person, but this guy makes some awesome points! The "Oscar the Grouch" comment was awesome and I might have to steal it from him lol :)

Jennifer Dunn said...

He's all right!

Ann said...

Excellent. Thank you for sharing!!

Pistolmom said...

LDS view