25 February 2009

Scary Point #3 from Obama's Address: Energy Fraud

Using China as a model of energy independence.

After he brought out China as a great example of energy independence, I started thinking he was certifiably insane. To wit:

Exhibit 1: China dumps toxic waste right into rivers without pretense and has no compunction about factories putting out any sort of emissions, leaded toys, and poison food. Well, I guess if he's talking about deregulation, I'm for it... but I'd still prefer to see at least a modicum of responsibility.

Exhibit 2: China is generally DIRT POOR. Not hardly a model of prosperity.

Exhibit 3: China is "energy independent?" Maybe because most of them barely have running water and electricity. I prefer refrigeration, air conditioning in the summer, and heat in the winter, thankyouverymuch. And I'd prefer NOT to control our consumption through infanticide.

Exhibit 4: Talking about improving the energy infrastructure and then "making our homes energy-efficient" - how? With poison light bulbs that don't last any longer than traditional, non-toxic ones and provide less quality light?

Hmm... let's move on to the last exhibit, since none of these sound like a "model" so far.

Exhibit 5: OK, maybe this is what he's talking about: Cap & Trade. It's a total scam that enriches the already-wealthy power brokers within the establishment. (*cough*AlGore*cough*GE*cough*) But as far as enriching party men and power players just like Communist China, I think he's hit that nail right on the head.


Ann said...

yeah...that startled me a bit!

Jennifer Dunn said...

Hm, also interesting in light of Hilary Clinton's recent visit to China, to what was it, beg for China's financial support of U.S. debt? Maybe we should also ask them to buy some of those carbon credits, too.

Heather said...

Really, Obama just makes me sick to my stomach. Everything we have, is slowly falling through our fingertips and most don't even see it happening.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just don't, can't give energy to thinking about what I truly feel...cause it makes me sick.

Carissa said...

Wow. I didn't listen to his speech, and now after reading all your thoughts about it, I am bit afraid to ;)

Individual freedom and personal responsibility is what America used to be all about. That is a huge part of what made our country so great. It makes me sad to see such eagerness to push these principles out the door for the "greater good" or whatever other "noble" reason they give.

There is nothing worth trading our freedoms for. Even if every American COULD be guaranteed great health care, a superb education, a thriving economy, and an abundant supply of affordable environmentally-friendly energy... it would not be worth trading our freedoms for.

And the simple fact is, the government cannot possibly guarantee these ideals. They cannot even provide them. All they can do is tax and spend and mandate. THAT'S IT. Stuff like this does not work. I hope people start realizing that soon.

kannie said...

@Carissa - EXACTLY. It doesn't work; it's never worked; but what it *has* done is generate rather unpleasant social conditions in run-ups to (multiple) radical societal overthrows. I'm saving up for a later post about the US right now, compared to France, ca. their many revolutions and what they tried - and it's truly scary how much we could write EXACTLY the same stuff today and be spot-on.

And somehow people are still blind.

That's why I posted that Facebook note in full, on my profile: I feel it's time for me to step up in alerting people to what's going on. A quasi-anonymous blog isn't going to suffice; people I know need to hear from me, and very specifically why what's going on right now is dangerous and evil. And hey, if they think I'm a nutjob, they can ignore me - I doubt that opposing voices will be heard all that much longer ;-).