18 February 2009

Feeling a Little Overwhelmed at the Moment

... but here are a few quick links (first two h/t Drudge):

Future freedom of speech?

Oh, geez - socialism is contagious. Almost like the Plague*, I'd say - spread by parasites and rodents. (OK, that's going to tick someone off, and I'm too busy and tired to care about revising it right now...)

And gall, foreclosing on an Extreme Makeover house...

But on the bright side, I [heart] Bobby Jindal.

*Update: who knew we're actually losing track of plague mice??? LOL! I'm dyin' here...

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Jennifer Dunn said...

Come on, Republicans! I thought you were redefining your party as conservative?

I'm a big fan of Bobby Jindal, too. I've been wondering what would happen if a state turned down stimulus money. So far, I've only heard of Governors saying they oppose the bill, but will take whatever money comes their way.