10 February 2009

We Are NOT All Socialists.

Excuse me, Newsweek, but I have to disagree.

I try very hard to remain somewhat level-headed on this blog, but now is not a time for calm.

"We" are NOT all socialists.

In fact, I not only take that as a slur - I take it as a personal threat.


I am not, never have been, and NEVER WILL BE a SOCIALIST. I have too much respect and appreciation for the true government our founders set up!

NEVER will I surrender the innate gifts - freedom and accountability - that our founders were guided by GOD to protect with a new form of government.

A form of government that has been co-opted and corrupted by its enemies.

The people pushing this agenda aren't even socialists anymore - they're full-out communists. Government seeks to tell us everything we can and can't do: what we can and can't say, what medical care we may receive, how warm or cool we can keep our houses, how much we can drive, how much money we're allowed to make... all to make sure that THEY ALONE have the power! While they spew their lies and fly their jets to self-congratulatory banquets! Bunch of evil, EVIL hypocrites!!! Using orchestrated class warfare to finally separate us into a class of mediocres and their RULERS.

(Can you hear the bile? It's flowing, OH it's flowing now...)

This is the perversion of everything that America can represent! And it's possible because so many in this country have been falsely educated. The LIES we've been taught have reached maturity, and I'm truly afraid for society to reap the consequences.

NO, we are NOT all socialists.

But we're all going to suffer like them, likely by a razor-thin margin of passage.

I was never a fan of collective punishment in elementary school, and I'm REALLY not a fan of it now. I would betray my ancestors' courage and my child's trust by surrendering to this media-created tide. I will fight it in EVERY WAY I can.

How DARE you, CONGRESS?!?!



You would STEAL my CHILD'S FREEDOM and economic future for your own comfort and political aggrandizement?!?!


You use my tax dollars? You function the way you're supposed to.

You expect my support? You learn to READ THE CONSTITUTION.

You want my cooperation? You DON'T talk down to me like the threat you pose is some antiquated conspiracy theory, and I'm just too STOOOPID to understand reality.

But you want "socialism?" You take your evil, simultaneously namby-pamby and oppressive ideas somewhere else, and stay away from me.

Because I've read history, and I know what happens when a government gets as much power as you're trying to take.

And I will NOT remain silent while you destroy my son's future.


Ann said...

Wow. Great post. Thank you for getting the bile flowing for me, too. You're helping me remember to do more to fight where we're headed.

Jennifer Dunn said...

I hope you will send a letter like this to the editor. Any editor.

My mind has been reeling all day since the announcement of the Senate vote. Apparently, Wall Street is reeling as well, with the Dow dropping its lowest point in 3 months.

Jennifer Dunn said...


Interesting article...Obama wanting to take over the Census smells fishy. Emmanuel must be behind this idea. Just one more way that this administration is trying to control the United States, and reduce opposition. I found the last bit about Mormon missionaries interesting as well. I wonder if students traveling abroad are included in a census.

kannie said...

Thanks for the article, Jennifer! Very interesting, indeed... *sigh*

Frank Staheli said...


Thanks for your comments over at SimpleUtahMormonPolitics. I didn't consider it a hijack at all, but a great conversation. I can't however, understand how Derek can have such a blind spot for socialism. It seems to be, for him, the most wishful of thinking.

You bring out some excellent points here that I didn't think about in my article--Government making all our medical, education, and other decisions for us, the difference between socialism vs. freedom and accountability, etc.