31 March 2009

A GREAT Question

I spend a lot of time pointing out what's wrong with what's going on.

I don't generally spend a lot of time explaining the background of my thoughts, or even necessarily the full context.

But a recent commenter, "It's Just Me," said this in part of her comment on my last post:
I would love to hear what you would recommend to fix this mess...
And you know, I think having to put my thoughts into words is a great idea. So here's my reply:

Like she said in her comment, there's quite a bit of blame to go around - including every person who keeps voting the corrupt ones back into office. Fire every single career Congressman and Senator - and why allow two terms? Make it one! Minimize the potential for damage, and maximize opportunity and participation.

Dismiss every single "aye" voter on the Bailout or the nationalization that's happened since. Also every cabinet member and nominee who thinks any law supersedes the Constitution or who can't figure out how to file their taxes. Also every single individual ANYWHERE in government who does not acknowledge the Constitution as the supreme law of our land. I mean, you swore an OATH, people!!!

I have ideas for appropriate "corrective action," starting with expulsion and a swift kick in the rear, or wherever; but since that last part would constitute assault, I'll have to content myself with expulsion from anything related to government and being stripped of voting privileges.

My idea for fixing the mess is to LET. IT. FAIL.

Let the banks fail.

Let the businesses fail.

In other words, let it reset. Get us back to a REAL market instead of a paper one.

Let the bureaucracy fail. Get us back to a REAL understanding of the Constitution, because its founding principles and balances will save us.

Let people fall into each other's arms - REAL arms - instead of discouraging private charitable donations in order to force the helpless into the illusory, seductive, suffocating embrace of "government charity."

Let the market system - which has been squeezed into the ever-tighter corset of federal manipulation since the 1910s - breathe. That's the ONLY way that it will truly correct, and the BEST way that we can keep at least some of our personal and local resources intact for recovery.

Let people keep what they produce instead of confiscating it toward greater bureaucratic waste. Let them put it to use in their lives to help themselves and their neighbors get through this.

Stop spending money we don't have.

Stop devaluing our currency (not that the damage is reversible).

Stop subjugating future generations to foreign fuel and financiers.

Those are a few ideas off the top of my head for how to start to fix things. I don't think most people want to hear those ideas, though, which is why they voted for people who promised to "help" them instead.

Together, though, we CAN get through this failing mess. I can help those around me, and others can help those around them.

But it's going to be a heck of a lot harder if our increasingly ravenous government keeps reinforcing a culture of dependency by confiscating more of our resources and putting a lien on our future.


Ann said...

WELL said. :) I'm all about doing away with multiple terms. I am so tired of the constant campaigning. If there was only one term, it would change everything.

It's so true, too, that the more they take, the less we feel that we can give.

Sooner or later, it really is going to have to hurt badly, but RESET itself. It's a scary thought, but I agree that there really isn't a whole lot else that can work, instead of getting increasingly worse.

Its just me said...

Kannie For President 2012!!!

I agree 100%. Let it all fail. That is what a capitalistic system is all about. And I really think once you put some of these big giant corporations' backs against the wall, they will figure out a way to survive without the help of the government. It's the American way. The true American way.

No one was bailed out of the Great Depression before. The country worked its way out and yes times were hard but I really think some people need to experience hard times just so they can appreciate the good. So many people just want and want and want and are never satisfied. Many have wanted beyond their means.

Great post Kannie. Maybe we can get someone from Washington to read it. Or I think some level headed people have said the same things but unfortunately they have been demoralized for speaking the truth.

You've got my vote.

kannie said...

Heh... I appreciate the compliment; I'd be old enough, but oh my word, do you remember what they did to Sarah Palin as just a VP candidate?!?! We'd have to get a Sarah Palin or fifty in every single state so that the media couldn't possibly slime and misrepresent ALL of them, LOL...

I have been talking to my state legislators, though; two of them (who don't agree with me as a rule) at the last town hall meeting said I "make it fun" or "keep it interesting." *grin*... I'll take that, because those forums are perfect for letting people know the principles behind a particular position - principles we can all get behind. :-)

Jennifer Dunn said...

It's just me--Thanks for asking such a good question and prompted such a great response!

Chantile said...

*standing ovation*

You know, even though we don't agree on everything, I really love reading your blog! I think you're right about everything here, though. You know, maybe if I hit that giant REBOOT button I've got lying around here, it might help!... Lemme go see if I can find it under all my shoes.... :)

Its just me said...

That's one of the great things about this country and about democracy. We can all agree to disagree and then move on for the common good of the country. I think its safe to say that everyone here loves this country and respects the constitution as its founding principles.

Great conversation. And just to add fuel to the fire here, maybe we ladies need to take over Washington and get some real work done in this world ;-)

kannie said...

I do think we ladies could get quite a bit done, LOL. Washington seems to need a good dose of "mommy sense": "I understand you want that, but it's against the rules." "I understand you're upset, but you may not take Billy's toy." "No, you may not climb on the counters, because you could fall and break your head." "I know that's a cool shiny toy, but you need to save up for it first."

(Okay, the climbing on counters doesn't happen so often in DC, but the rest of it does, LOL...)

I think that's part of why Sarah Palin was so popular and so reviled - coming in fresh, not all invested in the bureaucratic old-boy framework, and not afraid to fire people who needed firing. She's STILL being smeared, for goodness' sake... and I still love her! Common sense, America!!!

And Chantile - definitely please let me know if you find that button, LOL! I'll even take an "easy" button right now... ;-)

ty said...

Great "mommy sense" going on over here! Kids aren't the only ones who benefit from it :)