18 March 2009

Erm, About Those CFLs...

You remember - the toxic ones?

Well, it turns out that - on top of everything else - they're bad for your skin. (Their new selling point: "Not just killing your mood anymore!")

Here's a snippet:
Particularly for people with skin conditions such as lupus, eczema and psoriasis, it causes a lot of problem with burning.
I just have to say, no disrespect intended to people with skin conditions, but this is SO illustrative of big-government "solutions." (And yes, before the "it was GE, not the government!!!" cries start, GE is perhaps the most pervasive, behind-the-scenes-successful special corporate-machinery interest group in the country; who *makes* the light bulbs we all have to buy? And as a founding member of the United States Climate Action Partnership, they're far from apolitical.)

At any rate, I have sensitive skin. Hubby's skin is even more sensitive. And Kiddo's skin is uber-pale and uber-sensitive; he also has mild eczema, the poor little guy.

So... in the interest of saving everyone money in our upcoming utilitarian universal healthcare model (not to be confused with any Unitarian Universalist churches), I'm refusing to use CFLs.

Sure, I was already refusing, but now I have a legitimate health concern. And a ready-made excuse as soon as waivers are available.

I'll even fill it out in triplicate.


Jennifer Dunn said...

Wow, this is very interesting. My mother has very severe excema, and Emmy has it mildly. I believe we have some of these flourescent lightbulbs in our home (installed by the previous owner), but will now seek to upgrade to a healthier light--I might even stock up in case Obama follows Gordon Brown's lead.

Jennifer Dunn said...

Wait--I read your other posts...you mean it has already been decided that we have to switch by 2012?! Yikes!

Sarah said...

My mother has Lupus. Will have to forward this on to her for sure.