14 February 2008

Out of Control

...as in Congress.

They're trying to push through yet another version of the amnesty immigration reform (HR 750) that we voters have rejected - with resounding "NO" calls, letters, etc.

They are determined to railroad the people of this country into an economy-killing legalization of illegal behavior, both individual and corporate.

They work for us. But they're overruling us. That used to be called mutiny.

I suggest it still be called mutiny.

Yes, even if they're trying to buy us off with phony "rebates."

Swamp them with more "no" calls!!!

THEN FIRE THEM. (For the unschooled in Constitutional procedure, that means voting them out of office).

Reclaim your country before the Constitution is nothing more than legend under an oppressed socialist regime.

[Update 15Feb: Apparently these bills are still in committee, so they're still working on it behind-the-scenes...we'll probably hear when they're ready to vote on it in conjunction with something Congress actually should be working on...but calling them at this point is unlikely to do anything.]

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