25 February 2008

One Scary Thought and One Happy, Happy Thought

I'll start with scary because that way we can end up happy: the UK parents of a baby born perfectly healthy - but projected to have some rare genetic condition - were counseled by (socialized UK) medical professionals to abort him, right up until the last weeks of the pregnancy. First off, eew - how do civilized societies promote this sort of thing? Second, this is part of the danger of thinking we understand everything. We don't. (Yes, that would be me admitting that I still have things to learn, too *wink*). One pediatrician did admit that, since the particular disorder is extremely rare, it "makes it very difficult to predict the long-term outcome for this baby." But they were ready to kill him, just in case...

The happy? Yay for parents who decided to selflessly honor their baby's life and give him a chance!!! He's a cute little kiddo! And - not that faith and hope are always rewarded so obviously and grandly - but what a wonderful surprise for these parents!

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