06 February 2008

Give conservatives a LITTLE credit here...

So here's an interesting article about McCain and how he's ... um, fibbing about his conservative values ... to get elected.

But at the end of the article comes this paragraph:
But if those conservatives sit out the general election, they will help Democrats make history by electing either the first black president or the first female president next November.
That's phrased like it'd be a bad thing for conservatives - what is with all this assumed racism/sexism?!?! Conservatives do NOT object to people being in power on the basis of race. In fact, most conservatives I know, (myself included), have a lot of respect for Obama because he's HONEST. That's what's cool. And if I weren't sure his policies were going to prove the last forty-some-thousand straws on the camel's back that is our economic security and well-being, I'd actually vote for him.

Repeat with me now: It's not about skin color!!! Sheesh, people!!!

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