12 February 2008

It started well...

Apparently Steven Spielberg was an artistic adviser (their spelling...I'm boggled as to why there are two equally-valid spellings...) for the Beijing Olympics. Until he pulled out.

I was like, 'Go Steven Spielberg!!! You tell them to stop executing political prisoners!!!' Until...

He said it was because of "China's lack of progress in resolving the humanitarian crisis in Darfur."

We'd have to boycott every country in the world, including ours, if we were to protest anyone who's not making major progress in resolving the crisis in Darfur.

Even more relevant to China would be the humanitarian crises of forced abortions and government burning of private residences suspected of *gasp* having more than one child - or not getting the government's permission before having their one child. Or maybe censoring internet access. Or a number of other things. Don't get me started on the antifreeze and lead in food and toys. And in the "Just Plain Not Nice" category, they like to beat dogs to death instead of just using one oh-so-expensive bullet apiece to take care of the feared disease carriers... a "dog-itarian" crisis among the humanitarian ones, let's say.

I mean, seriously, where were all of our rights-claiming social organizations when Beijing was chosen as the host city? I don't remember hearing an uproar, but I'd be happy to hear that there was one, even if it were short-lived...

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