09 July 2009

What the US *Should* be Saying about the Environment

Currently, our President is working with other leaders of nations around the world, discussing what we can commit ourselves to, to help the environment.

Here's some of what "we" are saying to the world, and what the world is saying to us:
  1. "The United States has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities," Obama said. "Let me be clear, those days are over." [Calling us irresponsible and apologizing to the rest of the world for our citizens' exceptional horrible-ness. Maybe we should all have government-issued flails for when someone, somewhere, is upset with us. Oops, strike that - I'm afraid they'll get a new spending bill authorized...]
  2. "We have agreed for the first time that average global temperatures must rise by no more than 2C." -Gordon Brown [Did you hear that, sun? No more than TWO DEGREES!!!]
  3. "[T]he G8 needed to sound a second wake-up call on the world economy." [No comment necessary.]
  4. "Neither the wealthy nor the countries in search of their own footing think the other side is doing enough. And only when the pollution emitters work together on a binding plan will a climate strategy work, experts say." [Sounds like a winning strategy to me - just don't do anything until we ALL agree! *wink*]
Here's what we SHOULD be saying, as a nation:
  1. We love people.
  2. We love the planet.
  3. We should try to be responsible human beings.
  4. NOW, keeping in mind that:
    1. the science is NOT settled; the dissenting voices are simply being suppressed (h/t: Jennifer);
    2. we all have different definitions of "fair" rules (and we don't trust some of you anyway); and
    3. we are a sovereign nation, much like yourselves (before so many of you enslaved your citizens to that horrid European Union);
    ... here are our remaining points:
  5. We're not apologizing for our existence.
  6. We do not need your seal of approval, nor your permission to conduct US business on US soil.
  7. We ARE NOT subject to any other organization; in fact, listen up, UN: we quit!
  8. We'll do our own thing to be responsible, and allow you the same privilege.
In essence: "Don't tell us what to do, and we'll return the favor."

Now, let's get started on that not-telling other countries what to do... *cough*Honduras*cough*

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Jennifer said...

The title of the first article you linked is chilling, "Obama urges poorer nations to fight global warming."

By fighting global warming, the USA is about to become a poorer nation. What will it do to those really struggling? We need to prioritize PEOPLE over politics (because Global Warming is more political than it is scientific."