06 July 2009

What "The Science" Says

Sarah over at Trying to Grok has a great post up about UN climate projections.

Specifically, how they're not ... er ... CORRECT.

As I've said before, good thing we're not actually basing policy on this, right? *wink* Maybe I should make that an acronym... GTWNABPOTR?

Anyway, please check it out here - and put another arrow in your quiver of what I'd call, "Reasons the UN Shouldn't Be Making Our Decisions."


Jennifer said...

If only it was JUST the UN! The House recently passed the "Cap and Tax" bill, and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't pass in the Senate. And the science behind it is incomplete at best--especially considering the manner in which the EPA hushes up any opposing research.

Sarah said...

I was blown away when I saw that graph...

kannie said...

Between the actual facts, and the outright dishonesty going on to propagandize all of us with one side and suppress the other, it's absolutely disgusting.

I'm so grateful that we have a few people still able and willing to do the research that the rest of us can't do, for whatever reason, and pass on their knowledge!