11 July 2009

NEA on Education - MUST SEE VIDEO

Astounding. You MUST see this.
(I'm even more amazed that it survived on tape!)

via this tweet from @cboyack - highly recommend following him; he really does find some of the coolest stuff!


Carissa said...

Wow. I had to watch that twice. And he gets a standing ovation?? The honesty is refreshing, at least. I guess the criticism the NEA receives about putting teachers' interests ahead of childrens' isn't so outrageous after all:

"As the unions put their distinctive stamp on the nation’s schools, the objectives they pursue are reflections of their own interests, which are often incompatible with what is best for children, schools, and society. This presents an obvious problem—and a serious one—for a nation that wants to improve the quality of its education system."

Jennifer said...

Teachers unions are neither for fair wages nor quality education.


Jennifer said...

Good article, Carissa!
I need to learn how to link articles on comments!

Ann said...

WHAT?? I can't believe this...my jaw literally dropped.