16 October 2008

MEDIA FRAUD. [Updated]

Update 17Oct2008/09.47: Apparently someone did yell "Kill him!" But not about Obama - about Bill Ayers. Hence the Secret Service's initial bewilderment. And the point - that media deliberately twists stories (if they have any truth at all) to fit their narrative - is still completely valid.

For another example (yes, from FOX NEWS), check this out: a girl was called "racist" for wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt to school. Headline and constant references? "Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt." "Palin t-shirt." "pro-Sarah Palin t-shirt." See what they're doing? Ignoring the *campaign* in favor of painting Palin as the real racist. AMAZING. [Incidentally, this would be why I get my news online instead of TV or the newspaper - it's easier to work through the truth, since you can search out more sides of the issue at hand.]

Okay - as much as I dislike using this computer while I wait for the kitchen PC to be fixed, this REALLY needs attention.

Remember that Obama line from the debate (and circulated beforehand), that "people" at McCain rallies are yelling, "kill him?"

My reaction was, 'dang - McCain's nutjobs get more attention than Obama's... but open death threats are slightly worse than calling Sarah Palin the foulest word in the book...'

The media harped on how horrible that was, although McCain dealt well with it.

And then, today, what do I find out?

It's most likely a TOTAL FABRICATION.

Complete fraud on the part of the reporter, as far as the Secret Service can tell. Not another SOUL heard it. And they hear all sorts of things.

You want to talk about baseless smears, Obama, Socialist Some-time Associate of Terrorists? THAT'S one for the books.

(And don't worry - Bush is now a socialist, as well, at the direction of Emperor Palpatine Secretary Paulson... I'm an equal-opportunity socialist-caller!)


Carissa said...

Do you ever feel like it's all a game to keep us so distracted with left vs right that we ignore the more important issues that nobody seems to talk about? How did we get to the point where socialism is not a "bad" word anymore? Well, maybe it's still a bad word for some- unless there's a crisis, then it's our ONLY resort. Have you heard the story about President Benson's conversation with Kruschev? Small doses, weak economy. All too familiar.

kannie said...

OH, ABSOLUTELY! That's why I keep going back to "faith, food storage, and firearms," LOL... I think so much of it is a game. Kind of like the latest Batman (Dark Knight) movie - Joker is just manipulating people on both sides, just to be malicious and create chaos. It's SO disturbing, and thinking about it still creeps me out because it's so real. And it's bound to happen when people quit thinking about principles.

And I haven't heard/read about Pres. Benson & Kruschev, but I can imagine a few different scenarios - do you have a link I could check out?

As far as how we got to this "socialism isn't really that bad" point - I blame it on evil people, but they've been able to perpetrate it through generally-well-meaning people via the (surprise! socialized...) education system in this country. Learning the TRUTH - and how different it is from what I learned in school - is one of the biggest things that keeps me on my toes and convinces me that there really IS a bigger end-game at play...

kannie said...

Just to amend my Joker analogy - he's creating chaos *at his direction* - there's always *someone* in charge... and they're trying to accumulate and exercise power over everyone else.

Carissa said...

Haven't seen the movie yet- I'll have to think about your analogy while I'm watching it (might make it scarier :)

I read the story in a book of his I have called "God, Family, Country". It is a collection of older talks. This story was in "Our Immediate Responsibility". I found an audio link to it.

Jennifer Dunn said...

I, too, worry when those with conservative viewpoints, but a lack of taste or coherence, try to "help" the cause. But I wonder how many of them actually exist, and how many of them are fabricated. So, as I proceed, I hope I don't land myself in the camp of those I just described!

The article below gives one explanation about Americans lack of concern about Obama's Socialist agenda.


As I've been following this campaign, I've been disheartened at the lengths the media will go to help out their candidate, and ignore their supposed role of presenting fair and balanced journalism!

They have tried to instill fear in all of us that if we do not vote for Obama, it is because we are racist; not because we actually konw and care about the issues, and disagree with his positions on virtually everything from taxes to abortion.

And while "racism" is apparently the worst thing in the world to be labeled, ageism and sexism are suddenly politically correct viewpoints.

Carissa said...

Jennifer- it is true that many Americans don't really seem to care about Obama's socialist agenda.

But here's what I don't get... for those who DO care about socialism (to the point where they would attack Obama for it), for all those who don't agree it is the American way, all those that believe we need to fight against it and fight FOR the free market- where is the outrage about Bush's announcement that the government will buy shares in private banks? This is a HUGE socialist move! This could have a bigger effect on our country than some of Obama's plans. Do we give up our principles when we're faced with a "crisis"? Or do we stand by them in tough times as well as good times?

Even Hugo Chavez said "Bush is to the left of me now". Maybe there is outrage and I just don't see it but my sense is that many Republicans are becoming blind to the things going on in their own party... things that they would ABHOR, were the other party doing it.

(Kudos to Kannie for pointing it out at the bottom of this post- I just think it deserves more outrage than it's getting)

Jennifer Dunn said...

That's an interesting question. Bush's biggest mistakes have been when he's tried to act like a Democrat (or Socialist, I guess)!