07 October 2008

In the Interest of Free Speech

[Update 08Oct2008:] Here's the edited skit. I guess they were concerned that someone might take the "people who should be shot" line seriously. You know, because no one uses that line in real life... (although I must admit that since becoming a life member of the NRA, I've changed my saying to, "people who need to be horsewhipped," just in case someone does take me seriously; I suppose that will work until horsewhips are common tools again. I had a teacher who used to say, "whipped with a wet noodle" - is that peaceful enough?) [h/t: Drudge; language alert on above link from "take"]

Here's a link to screenshots and the transcript of the SNL bailout skit that's been pulled... [update: here's the actual video... high traffic alert ;-)]

... and here's an article about Google checking your sobriety, more or less, at certain times of day (if you want them to) - ideally to prevent you from sending something stupid while impaired, LOL. Since it's self-imposed, it seems like a good idea. Starts the imagination going, though... wonder how it could work in, say, CHINA... [*awareness of nipping at the hand that hosts me...*]

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