08 November 2006

On the bright side...

...after last night's shift in Congressional party power (from liberal-acting Republicans to ... um ... liberal-acting Democrats?), at least I can rant as an officially-repressed minority now! *wink* After all, lots of nice but ignorant people don't realize that "Republican" does NOT equal "Conservative."

Seriously, if last night's election was truly a "referendum on Iraq," we're a nation of mostly idiots. My theory is that it was much more a quasi-passive ousting of people - some innocent, some guilty - associated with a party demonstrating a deep lack of integrity to conservative principles. A "referendum on Iraq," presuming an average IQ above single digits in this country, would have swung the election far, faaaaaaaar the other way...angry, sit-it-out conservatives must be feeling too safe in their homes and abroad!

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