01 November 2006

Born by what, exactly?

There's an interesting poll out concerning Americans' belief(s) in God - while it's not much of a surprise that people disagree over whether He has a body, gender, or active role in world events, this excerpt was oddly interesting:
...93 percent of Christians who describe themselves as "Born Again" feel certain God exists.
Ninety-three percent? Granted, that was the high-water mark for that particular survey question, but what's up with the other seven percent? Isn't God pretty essential to the whole "born-again" idea? It makes one wonder by whom (or what) these people believe they are "born," if not by God, whatever other beliefs they may hold about Him. It's no wonder anti-organized-religion zealots think religion is full of nonsense - confused groups like that seven percent discard reason! Fortunately, real understanding will remedy that.