03 November 2006

"Actor-vist" loudmouthing is contagious

Apparently, it's not just US celebrities who, for the most part, can't keep their mouths shut about politics. Not that they shouldn't be able to express their views, but they need to understand that it can really turn people off, particularly when they're so liberally-aligned.

The latest addition to the "I'm for anything my publicist says is a hot issue, especially when I don't understand it and I'm being honored for a completely unrelated item" celebrity club is, unfortunately, Shakira. She was talented, relatively clean, alternative-ish, and brunette - then she came to the US, where the Estefans got a hold of her and turned her into a blonde bimbo. Now she's a cookie-cutter exotic dancer who happens to have her own music playing while she performs.

And, of course, being "Anglicized" by the Estefans for their economic benefit, she's adopted the nasty habit of flapping her gums at inappropriate times, like award ceremonies for music. Little did we, the teeming masses, suspect that a Colombian musician would have an opinion on US immigration policy! And look - she's taken the liberal position, so it must be right, right? After all, other countries do have our best interest at heart, don't they?

Congratulations to her...on something, I'm sure.

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