25 March 2008

So happy for this man! And disgusted by society.

A French man suffering from a horrendously disfiguring disorder has received a full face transplant, and he is so happy! I'm so happy for him!

But one quote troubles me - not because of him, but because he had occasion to say it: "They don't make fun of me anymore."

What is WRONG with people, to tease someone because of how they look - especially because of some horrid disease?!?! This poor man would be teased and harassed whenever he left the house because - apparently - people don't remember how to be nice.

He says people would faint when they saw him. How very Victorian of them.

What a bunch of horribly-mannered, selfish, heartless weaklings he must be living around.

So... I am SO happy for this poor man, but I sure wish he had a more civilized place to live in the first place!

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