05 March 2008

Rockin' last night

"Hello, my name is __, and I'm an American Idol watcher."

The guys have been better as a group - and more interesting - than the girls in American Idol this year... David Archuleta is consistently great, sincere, and soulful, but one performance in particular last night was just stunning - David Cook's suh-weet version of Hello (the 80's "Hello" song that was originally titled "Goodbye" in the Idol write-up...*rolling eyes*).

At first, I was like, 'oh, they're trying to fix some guitar problems for David Cook? Sheesh, get OVER yourself...' I didn't expect anything even appreciable, and I have not been impressed with him in the past.

But WOW.


Soulful, intense, sincere, sensitive, and that's enough adjectives for now...

Seriously, if you like rock at all, you've got to check out his performance.

And as long as we're on the topic of American Idol, who cares whether another guy was a stripper before? I have nothing against people improving their station in life - Idol's definitely a step up, LOL.

But I do care if someone's a complete jerk. Something à la Danny Noriega. Here's the link to his Christmas rant, but be warned, because the video is so highly offensive in so many ways. It's just astonishing and saddening how hateful this particular individual is! It's somewhat evident on the show, but wow, that video just puts it over the top. I've got my fingers crossed for Thursday night...

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