21 November 2007

What a way to keep the media out of it

So have you heard about the Saudi gang-rape victim receiving 200 lashes and six months in (need I say, "a Saudi") prison? What a load of BS. The court claims they stiffened her sentence for going to the media about it. (Why, oh why, would they want the media not to know about this???)

This Australian article's comments do provide more details - although no source for them - that indicate (at least some of) the rapists received even more severe punishments...and apparently they attacked her male companion, as well. Wonder if that contributed to the harshness of their sentences...

At any rate, some point out that, "it's their country, and they know the laws, and they broke the law" to justify lashing the victim. That is ridiculous! Lots of things are "rules" and "customs" all over the world that should NEVER occur. In this case, lashings where the executors have to trade off because they get tired are simply inhumane. That inhumane things are "custom" does not make them right.

We don't have to ask where the civilized world's citizen outrage is - that's evident all over the media. But official outrage? *crickets* The US is "astonished." <sarcasm>Wow. I've never heard such thundering criticism - we'd better batten down the hatches...</sarcasm>

Too bad people who lop off hands for stealing own the spine we thought we had in the US.

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