07 November 2007

LOVE Pres. Sarkozy

He's conservative, self-sufficient, intelligent, gutsy, and hey - he even thinks America's not the Great Satan! What a guy! He's France's President Sarkozy, and he's visiting the US right now (in an official capacity; he's vacationed here before). Sure, he's piled onto the "people cause global climate change" bandwagon, but nobody's perfect.

I have to thank the French people, who have shown much more spine (and understanding of reality) than the Spanish in their most recent elections. I love Spain, and their short-sightedness saddens me.

We are in desperate need of allies who have a real grasp of the most serious threats to freedom in the world - and no one would know better than France, who's been fighting a street war against Islamofascist "youths" for years now, as well as having economic issues. I am so glad we have a leader like Pres. Sarkozy to work with!

Vive la France!

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