18 October 2007

It's about time

It's high time that we grew a spine about dealing with China. Their reaction to President Bush's welcoming the Dalai Lama is understandable, given their history, but we SHOULD offend them if freedom and trying hard not to massacre your citizens is offensive.

People doing evil things are probably going to be offended when you say - or insinuate - that they are doing evil things.

As I started saying a while ago - when I started growing more of a spine - "there are some people whose good opinion I do not want." If the communist murderers in their government think we're just peachy, we're probably doing something wrong.

I've been wondering what all we're going to be doing and thinking in a little bit here, when the Olympics are in Beijing...I've been shaking my head in disbelief since the announcement.

And yes, I realize it would HUGELY impact our economy if we were to cut off every dealing we have with them. But, (together with Syria, North Korea, and the Soviet Russia), they're materially helping Iran fight us, too, so it's an issue of priorities.

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