31 October 2007

If you can't do anything nice...

...Stick to your last idea & DON'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL.

There's a whole House hearing that will be held to discuss how "global warming" may be affecting the wildfires. *snort*

Most experts (not the political hacks representatives who flap their gums simply to release the hot air building up in their heads) on last week's fires were talking about how it's the dry underbrush - which people been legally prevented from clearing - that's been fueling these "super-fires."

And I hardly think multiple incidents of ARSON qualify as "global warming."

*Update 01 Nov*: No, I'm not saying that "they" (Harry Reid & co.) are saying global warming started the fires...but I seriously doubt that half a degree (or even three-quarters of a degree) would make a whole new set of problems this year and be responsible for "super-fires" that are exploding Ponderosa Pine trees, Nature's asbestos plant...

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