11 September 2008

Freedom of Speech

I don't support everything that President Bush does. Not even close.

But one thing that just drives me up and down the wall is when people talk about how Bush "censors" people who disagree with him... even though late night comedians, liberals everywhere, and the entire NYTimes staff are still walking free, not stuck in Gitmo.

The thing that these critics miss (besides that they're still able to publicize their oft-lauded critiques, however irrational), is where that's actually happening in the world.

Like China... and hey, even civilized places like Italy, where this comedienne faces jail time for insulting the Pope.

So liberals, don't talk to me about how evil Bush is and how he shuts down social or political discourse. You're still as free to blab - and insult whomever you want - as you ever were.

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swedemom said...

I agree.

While living in Sweden, I heard of a woman who was trying to get political asylum in Sweden from America because she was afraid that she was going to be hunted down for her liberal ideas. She was a nut case. And she kept breathing in fear of the fact that there wouldn't even be an election in 2008.
Um.. . wonder what she's thinking now. I never heard whether or not she was granted political asylum. But it was just the sort of story your average Swede would love. Conspiracy, evil Bush, etc.