24 July 2008

Religious Tolerance on the Campaign Trail

I'll let other people tackle the Obama-for-Emperor-fest in Germany.

I'll mention his Jerusalem stop.

Obama supporters (since I'll give his campaign staff a very small benefit of the doubt) held signs at the Western Wall in Jerusalem when he either:
  1. made a show of stopping by for a prayer, and people who knew he was coming brought their own signs; or
  2. didn't try to make a show of stopping by for a prayer, and someone in the know - pro or con - planted the signs; or
  3. just happened to show up at a location where some unsuspecting supporters had already hung signs.

...I'm open to other possibilities; just can't think of any more at the moment.

But this is a RELIGIOUS site. Political ads do not belong at a place of worship - even if the place of worship is open-air. Whoever's decision it was: baaaaaaaaaad decision.

Interestingly, the rabbi offering a prayer with him wasn't calling for America's damnation.

Just one thing I have to note - the signs had his name in Hebrew; and his first name, "Barack" ("blessed" in Arabic, I've heard... and it makes sense) was spelled "Baraq" - with the harder "q" letter - instead of the "k" character which would make the word "blessed" in Hebrew. I'm assuming "they" (whoever) didn't necessarily want to give him the title "Blessed Obama" or something, and/or accurately transcribing the sounds of his name probably took priority, but I'm not an expert on transliterating names, either. It just caught my attention...

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