09 January 2008

Pretty crazy stuff going on

First, tornadoes in January - yikes! Best wishes with the recovery efforts there... watch out for more with this crazy weather, though.

Then table-top ordering... that would be GREAT!!! Having worked as a waitress, I sure think it'd make life easier on that end - no worrying about "are they ready yet?" or "have I checked too often on their meal?" or "it's been a while...did I remember to put that order in?" or "they're already through their first drink?!?!" Granted, I wasn't the greatest waitress, but reducing (or transferring, in some cases) the human error potential in dining experiences would be an improvement on both ends of the transaction. I don't see it as a threat to positive human interaction, either - you'd still be greeted & seated, and probably have the system explained to you for the first while, too; and of course the server still delivers the food - we're not turning restaurants into vending machines quite yet.

Update 09.00: As I post this, I see that a 6.2 earthquake struck Canada around the Queen Charlotte Islands-Vancouver region... wow. More craaaaaa-zy stuff...

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