19 September 2007

Another couple of those days

So again, it's "where to begin?"

With celebrities who think OJ should go to jail for both crimes this time...but who, as liberal Hollywood types, think any other criminal's actions should be blamed on racism and his childhood? (Well, at least the crimes that can't be pinned on the Bush administration...)

Or how about more criminals who need to go to Hell...taking a 2-year-old hostage for a stupid BANK robbery...I'm surprised the ground didn't swallow them up right where they stood.

Or maybe the newest ex-Mrs. Bin Laden, thanks to murderous relatives - and get this quote from her hubby:
I adore being with this woman. But we can't stand up when the waves from the sea are coming to wipe us out.
The waves of the sea?!?! No, no Islamofascist threat evident there...the family was concerned about "embarrassment" - yeah, the father-in-law is the #1 Most Wanted Terrorist in the world, and the silly British lady is an "embarrassment..."

On the other hand, how about Mrs. Let's-Have-Stillborn-Baby-After-Stillborn-Baby-and-Never-Report-the-Births... I mean, that would be an unimaginably horrid situation, but you don't just stuff the poor baby in a garbage bag under the sink! At least give the child a proper burial, and then how about some birth control once you notice a pattern???

Oh, we could go on forever, but it's just too much to handle in so few hours...time to go have some chocolate.

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