16 March 2005

Another step toward State-sanctioned euthanasia

Check out this Texas story (linked from Glenn Beck).

A hospital decides they're tired of keeping a baby alive, so they go to court to have a judge tell the mother that, per Texas law, she can't make them continue life support. They win.

Off of life support goes the baby; baby dies.

Where is the outrage here?!?! When the hospital decides a case is hopeless, all of a sudden individual rights and parental rights don't matter?!?!?! And how many doctors' opinions would be needed in order to qualify as sufficient grounds to extinguish a life when we have the ability to help, instead?

Now, the baby would have died shortly after birth, had no life support been hooked up to him, but that is the parents' prerogative! If they want to keep trying to help their child, more power to them. Nowhere in the story (as I've seen the news) does it say that the hospital was working for free.

People are allowed to try to keep themselves and their parents alive indefinitely if they desire -- why not allow them at least that right with their children?

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